Jericho Blues

by Michael Harrell

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This is my debut LP. I recorded it in my hometown of Nashville, TN at Lake Fever Productions. I wrote these songs when I was in my early 20's. Living in Hillsboro Village, drinking too much, reading the Bible and staying out too late. I put the band together after my friend John introduced me to a drummer named Ethan, a Californian. We recorded most of the album as 3 piece live. Friends, old and new, eventually made their mark on the project and after about 8 months we had Jericho Blues. The influences range from The Replacements to Roger Miller to Dinosaur Jr. It'll all make sense when you listen, I promise. I hope you enjoy the songs.


released July 1, 2009

Produced, written & arranged by Michael Harrell
Recorded & mixed by Jason Bullock @ Lake Fever Productions, Nashville, TN
Mastered by John Baldwin Jr., @ Lake Fever Productions, Nashville, TN
Package & design by Davy Baysinger for RoyalEmpireDesign

Michael Harrell: vox, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, 12-string electric guitars, e-bow
John Davis: electric bass, pedal steel, additional electric guitars, bgv
Natalie Hemby: vox on "Tennessee Valentine"
Josiah Holland: upright piano, b-3 organ, wurlitzer electric piano
Ethan Luck: drum kit
Charlie Pate: electric guitar on "Tennessee Valentine"



all rights reserved


Michael Harrell Nashville

Nashville born and raised singer/songer/producer, teller of tales and dreamer of dreams.

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Track Name: Give Me A Beat
I put your record on
But no sound came out
You were much too scared
And you let yourself down

So what went wrong?
What happened to your plans?
Well those excuses sound fine
But I don't understand

Well give me a beat
Can you see everything?
Please know that there's nothing
You can control

I followed your story
All over town
You made it easy
Cause you stuck around

You've got the attitude
To make this work
But you can't get passed
All your hurt


And I'm sure there's somebody else
Just like you
Who thinks they can get through
Life without a scratch

Let's chalk it up to fate
Hope for a better end
But that's not in the cards
I guess we can pretend

Track Name: Paint By Numbers
I was painting by numbers
But the picture came out all wrong
Counting on the fleeting to hold me
And keep me strong

I guess a pick me up will have to do
Don't know about you but I'm gone

I was painting by numbers
But I never really learned how to count
Doubting the silence I wonder
"Do you want me around?"

If so then pick me up, I need you to
I look for you and you're gone

What's the meaning of this?
I got a mind to walk out
I got a mind to drop out

I was watching the sun
Drop like a bomb over broadway
And resigned myself
Cause is sure isn't working out my way

So pick me up I need you to
I need you and I'm gone
Track Name: Action, Reaction, Dissatisfaction (Now It's Become You vs Me)
I think you might have pulled the best
Disappearing act I've ever seen
Yesterday it was us vs them
Now it's become you against me

And the energy here is different
You make an action and my reaction
Pulls us into dissatisfaction

The brain never gives up
At the times you most want it to
Thoughts are tripping over each other
All the time like I used to


Pretty is as pretty does
I think we know we both screwed up
Say the words so we can disagree
I know it's not right if we're not fighting

Track Name: Katherine
Katherine, you act like you're angry
But I know you're just playing with me
Katherine, it took a lot of work to get you here with me

You saved me
That second chance you gave me
I know you didn't mean it but that smile meant so much

Katherine, my back's to the wall
It's getting Stranger in here
Katherine, I'm not afraid to fall we'll always land back here

You saved me
That second chance you gave me
I know you didn't mean it but that smile meant so much
When they came to claim me
Set me up and rearrange me
You took me by the hand I'll never forget your touch

Picture yourself losing your way
I will show you where it hurts
I will try to make this work
Track Name: Freak Out
Someone's gonna die cause I'm on call
I never paid attention in school
It's come back to get me, dead or alive
Let's make this interesting, start a pool

Well I must've been leading
Cause you started believing that I'd never let you down

Oh freak out
Cause a scene
Prove yourself
Say what you mean

This is a fight I just might win
That's never ever happened before
Funny thing is I got a thick skin
But I've never had the stomach for war

Well you must've been dreaming
When you started believing that I'd always be around


I got a lot on my mind, trying to figure you out
It's not hard to define what this all about
And sometimes I go crazy
When I know that you can't save me

Well you must've been dreaming
When you started believing that we'd always be around

Track Name: Tennessee Valentine
Your dress is making me feel uncomfortable
It's a feeling I miss so much
The things we said and did were so terrible
Still we wonder how we lost touch

When I saw your nerves breakdown
It was humbling beyond fascination

So let's roll the dice and give it a ride
Be my Tennessee valentine tonight

Run, don't walk, head for the door
If we don't stop we'll be back where we started
I'm talking about a kiss, but a heart at remiss
That can't figure out why we parted

And I'm trying to do my best
And not give you my complete devotion


We can act like perfect strangers
But that doesn't fix the comotion

Track Name: Jericho Blues
I'm gonna live forever
As soon as I learn how to die
I've been taking without giving
And one thing on my mind

I know I've had it coming for a while

Lead me out into the water Lord
And wash me clean of all these things I've done
Stop my heart from wanting more
Your grace is all I need

I'm gonna watch the walls
Around my heart fall
Like Jericho
A heavenly chorus will bring them down


And I can't do this on my own
So don't leave me alone

Track Name: To Be The One
I want you to tell me everything you know
Cast a spell on me and never let go

Cause everything's flowing but I'm standing still
Show me your secrets, reveal your will

Could you be the one to save me from what I've done?
O to be the one made righteous through the son

Am I the exception that proves the rule?
To unfamiliar to redemption, to broken for renewal

Cause everything's flowing but I'm standing still
Show me your secrets, reveal your will


Track Name: Slide Away
So everything's gone wrong
And you feel like you don't belong
No matter how hard you try
You just can't seem to hide

There's a whisper you've been trying to ignore
If you listen you'll find something worth living for

You may find out your heart wasn't meant to stay
In this world of suffering and pain
So let it go, slide away

And the shadows on your wall
They all start to talk
When there's no one by your side
The darkness proves the light

There's a whisper you've been trying to ignore
If you listen you'll find something worth dying for